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Problem with uninstall conflict software

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Problem with uninstall conflict software


I export FSCS12 from PM with uninstall confilict softwares.

In my customer network, If I restart after manual uninstall eset endpoint antivirus and then install FSCS every thing is good and they haven't any problem. But If I install FSCS msi package and while f-secure uninstalled eset, after restart windows cannot boot. 

(we Install FSCS 12 on 50 computer and 48 computer connot boot after restart - we had to user restore point or install windows again.)

Is there any solution?

can we have a package that force restart after uninstall conflict software and after restart start to install f-secure?



Re: Problem with uninstall conflict software

First, you need to uninstall Eset using Eset Uninstaller Tool, check this link


Then, you can install FSCS





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Re: Problem with uninstall conflict software

Thank you Manuel, But we cannot do this solution on more than 800 computers, and they can't send uninstall task from eset remote administrator.

Is there any solution to send a task to uninstall from active directory?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Problem with uninstall conflict software

Hello MohammedReza,


It seems that one of your colleague opened a support ticket concerning this type of issue in December. Please refer to the support ticket and reply made by our support agent on the problem.


If the issue persist please reply directly on the ticket.

Best Regards



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