Problem with outlook 2010


Problem with outlook 2010

Hi everybody


I installed some pc with this program


 F-Secure PSB Workstation Security9.309.316.298.268.22


Only in 1 pc, happened something of strange, when I open Outlook 2010, the email are correctly downloaded; but I click on send / recive, nothing hapend and outlook remains locked. I force close and re-open for dowload new mail.


Do someone have same problem?



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Re: Problem with outlook 2010

Hello M-Tecn,


I suggest you create a support ticket about the issue at:


Please take an FSDIAG from the workstation. The link above has also instruction on how to make the FSDIAG file.

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Re: Problem with outlook 2010


I have moved this post to "End-point Security" board.


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Re: Problem with outlook 2010

Sorry Smiley Embarassed


The problem was with a (blocked) mail on web mail. After cleaning message all is ok.

Sorry but with problem happened after installation on F-secure. Sorry.