Problem understanding Firewall Policy Auto Select


Problem understanding Firewall Policy Auto Select

Hello Everyone, I have a problem understanding the auto-select function for firewall policy’s in CS 12.

I defined several auto-select rules and it is working for me.

My question. What happens if the client got multiple network interfaces?


For example my primary interface got a 172.160.x.x address and a secondary interface got a 10.x address.

It happens when you have VPN activated, a virtual Interface of VMware or an external Network Card.

Does the Primary Network Device determines the Firewall ruleset and this ruleset is applied to all other interfaces or does F-Secure determines the ruleset for each network interface individual?

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Re: Problem understanding Firewall Policy Auto Select

In networking there is nothing like a"primary" network.

Traffic is routed by Routes and maybe by metrics.

There is always only one ruleset to rule all networks

First autoselect rule that matches fires.
But you might need define the rulesets using specified networks, not with placeholder like "myNetwork" to avoid problems.



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