Installation not completed


Installation not completed



Im trying to install F-Secure on two windows 10 machines and roll it out to the other in the company. On both I recieve the same error: "All software component could not be installed. The failed components are: FWES, Internet Shield, E-mail Scanning. Please remove the old installation, and install the product again. To use the current product installation, restert the computer."


I've scanned the knowledge base but have come up short. The only close article I found discussed removing other AV programs. First I uninstalled the AV the traditional way, retried F-Secure install and had the same error. Then I used the AV removal tool that claims to totally remove the product. - Still no luck after F-Secure removal/re-install. These are both machines build from scratch, no bloatware from MFG.. I'm scratching my head. 


(1) Is there any way I could see an install log that give me a clue as to what is preventing these components from installing?


(2) What is FWES?


(3) On one of my machines the status says the internet shield is operational, yet I dont see any evidence. For instance, on my home machines I use another AV, when I open the browser I see an icon for it in the top right. If I search for a particular subject, it provides a list of links with a "check" to say if its safe, or "X" if its not..  The F-Secure computer in question, shows nothing.






Betreff: Installation not completed

This looks weid.
What Version is installed on the machine before you start?
What Version do you try to install?
How do you try to install?




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Re: Installation not completed

Hello PAV,


In addition to questions from Matthias, what is the product you are trying to install? Is it Client Security?

> What is FWES?

Name of the product module - Firewall Email Scanning.

Just one thing to check maybe. F-Secure Firewall installation checks that Windows "Base Filtering Engine" service is running.

Fssetup.log in c:\windows folder is the log to start from, if you want to troubleshoot by yourself.


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Re: Installation not completed



Please note that a bugfixed "F-Secure Client Security version 14.02" package was recently published for Windows workstation computers, make sure to use that one.


Best regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.