FS Policy Manger 13 Proxy -Software updates

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Re: FS Policy Manger 13 Proxy -Software updates

we have found the porblem

http://IP_PMSPROXY13_local:443 -works

http://IP_PMSPROXY13_local - doesen't work, no FS Page


run script at PMSPROXY13_local


and in: Configure the ports for the Policy Manager Proxy

               Host module HTTP [2]: 'empty was'


so I change it to 80, any else settings save without any changes.

success. hosts are connecting to PMProxy20171117 aua nie działało w 10a po upgrade1.JPGhttp port: 220171117 aktualizacje na hostach z pmproxy_local nie działa w 11f po upgrade do pmproxy13_31_już ok.jpglog


Re: FS Policy Manger 13 Proxy -Software updates

If file c:\ProgramData\F-Secure\Logs\FSAUA\fsaua.log does not exist on your Win10, seems that F-Secure Automatic Update Agent was not ever started on that host.

Connection refused means that the port you are trying to connect is not actually open. So, either you are connecting to the wrong IP address, or to the wrong port. Please check value of HttpPortNum in the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Data Fellows\F-Secure\Management Server 5 (Windows) or hostModulePort in the /etc/opt/f-secure/fspms/fspms.conf (Linux) at your PMSPROXY13. If it is not 80, you must specify it in the PM Proxy address, for example: http://IP_PMSPROXY13_local:88
Also, please make sure that PMP services has started. For that please check fspms-stderrout.log in the logs folder and see if last event is "cff.PolicyManagerProxyStarter:main: Started @... ms", otherwise check same log for errors.

443 is HTTPS port and that is the reason why HTTP connection to this port fails.


Re: FS Policy Manger 13 Proxy -Software updates

Indeed, problem was in HTTP port, it was listening on 2, but connection attempts were to port 80. Great that you fixed your environment!