F-secure 2012 - Automatic Updates can't be turned off


F-secure 2012 - Automatic Updates can't be turned off



Does End Point Security 2012 have the ability to control automatic updates in Windows XP?

On slow cellular GPRS / EDGE connections it's necesarry to stop F-secure updates to prevent

the connection to become unusable. I found out in the F-secure home edition, there's no such

control anymore in the 2012 version on Windows XP.


Is the F2012 End Point Security version any different from the Home edition in this apsect?

In the 2011 home version auto updates could be turned of in "Other settings".


In 2012 F-secure on Windows 7 there's mobile network detection to allow only the most

critical updates. However I think on a 3G - WIFI router this won't work. The cellular connection

is routed over WIFI and bcomes a normal WLAN connection.


If F2012 End Point Security has auto update controls for Windows XP i might migrate to EPS F-secure.


This issue can be found in the home security forum section - F2012 on a prepaid data connection




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Re: F-secure 2012 - Automatic Updates can't be turned off

Hi Indra,


The End-point Security is refering to our solution designed for business/corporate user.


Find more details here:

- Business Suite

- Protection Service


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