F-Secure Management Agent failure


F-Secure Management Agent failure

Since a few days we get the following failure (reported in logfile.log):


60    2013-03-26  16:22:24+01:00  servername  F-Secure Management Agent

F-Secure Management Agent failed in an internal operation. Setting the policy variable (error=-506) was not successful.


This happens on a Windows Server 2008 R2 where F-Secure Mail and Server Security 9.20 is installed (it's our Exchange-Server).

Does anybody know the reason and can tell us how we can solve the problem?


Re: F-Secure Management Agent failure

Hello geoneu,


The policy variable is from Browsing Protection -> Reputation Based Protection section of policies.

So, it could be that something is wrond with FSMA, Browsing Protection or Reputation Based Protection service.

Did you try to reboot server or restart F-Secure services? If no, please, execute

net stop fsma

net stop fsgkhs

net start fsma

net start fsgkhs

from cmd started under admin account.

If this doesn't help, please, contact our support.


Best regards,