Discover Unamanaged hosts in branch offices


Discover Unamanaged hosts in branch offices



We are looking into a large Business Suite deployment with multiple branch offices behind leased lines.


One concern is how to discover newly attached hosts that are unprotected/unmanaged.

I know about the new Autodiscover windows hosts based on Active directory, but I would like your opinion on other tools that do not rely on AD.


I know Symantec has a special feature where an endpoint can be nominated as 'detector'. It gathers MAC addresses and sends them to central management to compare it with list of the already managed hosts. (sounds pretty cool). We are looking into something similar in detecting hosts even when not in AD.


Anyone has experience or using any 3rd party tool that can achieve similar effects?


Is F-secure thinking on deploying such feature?


Many thanks



F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Discover Unamanaged hosts in branch offices

Hi Costas,


You can find two seperate autodiscover options within Policy Manager.

Only one of them relies on AD.


See the PM admin guide page 27. Would that fit your criteria?

Best Regards



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