Client Security 10?


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if you start commenting every thread with useless information we have no time to answer the important ones.

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Re: Client Security 10?

The reason antivirus programs are still 32-bit is because 64-bit compilations have almost twice the memory allocation. AV vendors already struggle to shoehorn detection fingerprints for all 3.5 million known malware families into an acceptably small part of the RAM with 32 bit engines and databases.


It would be a nightmare with 64-bit format, when people run Win7-64 with as little as 2GB of RAM. Single core CPUs would suffer nervous breakdown.


(But who knows? Maybe the authors of Duqu are already working on new malware variants, which cannot be detected by 32-bit antivirus engines, forcing the AV companies to jump into 64-bit tech. Luckily the iranians have a lot of ancient and obsolete systems, which limits the scope of trickery .us / .il can try...)