CS 12 Beta: Deepguard alert not logged


CS 12 Beta: Deepguard alert not logged

Hi all,


DG just caused an alert on my system on file https://rufus.akeo.ie/downloads/rufus-2.2p.exe.


This alert was not logged to logfile.log or sent to PMS.


Must be changed before RTM!


Br, Tom.


2015-06-01 11_34_28-DeepGuard.png



F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: CS 12 Beta: Deepguard alert not logged

Hello Tom,


Thank you for your report.


This behavior should be similar to previous versions 11.6X. CS12 will send alerts only for automatically blocked applications, and not it if the user is asked to decide.


Your report would be a feature request for future release. It unfortunately won't fit in CS12 release scope.


Would you like me to get in touch with a sales engineer to take your request in our system?

Best Regards



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