Business Suite License information

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Business Suite License information


Can I see our license information such as owner name in a part of f-secure website or a part of policy manager?

for more description, in avira remote management there is a license information segment and in kaspersky security center too.

or in eset i can see license information in remote administrator and also in

But I didn't see any option in f-secure policy manager and client security or other any segmanet.

(FYI: Just license PDF ins't enough for me.)


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F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Business Suite License information

Hello MohammadReza,


In Policy Manager console(business suite) you can only see your customer number displayed(under Help>Registration) or indeed use the license certificate as reference.

You should be able to request a new license certificate from our sales if needed.


Could you tell us which information you wish to see?


Finally you might also be interested in our Protection Service for Business that offers better visibility of the information you are seeking. 



Best Regards



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Re: Business Suite License information

Yes. I know there is customer number in PM. But I think if developers can add this option for show full information about license owner , number of license ,... or develop a website for monitor license like it can be a good option for F-Secure Business Suite product.


Re: Business Suite License information

why would you need that information in PM? Licence mangement is always a manual procedure and if you have ever been forced to fill in a MS licence compliance form you know how confusing and misleading that can become.


Often customers have to overuse their volume for OS migration or as a means to be able to react immediatly to a threat and only ask later to increase the number of seats, the alternative would be to use test and evalkeys whith many backdrafts.


Yes, this concept is based on trust. The same trust that customers receive from MS, Citrix and other vendors, but it pays.


Apart from that general point: How would you count an ESS-Installation into your Business Suite? it only apears as one host and it still apears as one host if you have licensed it as a gateway product per user.

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