Block All Websites - allow WhiteList


Block All Websites - allow WhiteList

Hey Guys,


A Customer of ours wishes to Block access to ALL external Websites and only allow particular ones in  the Trusted Sites List.


I wish to know if it is at all possible to block all the websites and if so, how this could be done.


The Client has On Premise - F-Sercure Policy Manager.


Re: Block All Websites - allow WhiteList

Hello Bugeja,


Unfortunately, it is not possible in current versions - Browsing protection Disallowed sites list has higher priority, than Trusted sites list.


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Re: Block All Websites - allow WhiteList


second possibility could be to use FS FW rule. Just add two rules:

  1. allow outgoing http/https traffic to internal IP ranges
  2. deny out (in should be blocked already Smiley Happy ) http/https to AL IPs

If you need add some "trusted" external site later you will add next rule:

       Allow http/https to "site name - IP - IP range". Notify, this rule must be before the deny rule 2. above.


Might it be solution for your case?


Br, Jachym


Re: Block All Websites - allow WhiteList



The problem is, not only human-readable websites use HTTP(S), so there may be "collateral damage" if such a non-contextual blocking rule is implemented.


If the customer wishes to block all web browsing towards the public net, that's is best solved by installing a gateway level filtering device, for example a UTM.


Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, Hungary.