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Issue: Where can I find the F-Secure Policy Manager Server's management public key ( used by clients to verify the validity of distributed policies? Resolution: You can export the public key ( from the Policy Manager Console. To do so, follow the steps below: Method A - Export the key with the F-Secure Policy Manager Console Log on to your F-Secure Policy Manager Console. From the top menu panel, select Tools > Server Configuration.... Select the Keys tab. Under "Export signing keys", select the button Export.... Method B - Downloading the key from the F-Secure Policy Manager Server From any of the managed hosts: Open a web browser. In the address bar type in the address of the F-Secure Policy Manager Server that this host is connected to, for example: https://fspms-local.example:443 If the connection to your F-Secure Policy Manager Server is successful, a web page indicating that the Policy Manager Server is operating correctly is shown. Find the paragraph about the "F-Secure Policy Manager Server's public key". Download the key from the highlighted download button/hyperlink (here) in that paragraph. Article no: 000003331
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