Windows system hanging or freezing after F-Secure Ultralight Core Update 2019-10-01_01


Visible effects:

  • Windows Server operating system with Server Security 14.00 installed is hanging
  • Windows Desktop operating system with Client Security 13.00 or newer installed is hanging


This may happen if F-Secure product have F-Secure Security Cloud Client enabled, but don't have access allowed to address.

To resolve this issue, make sure that you have allowed access to from your environment.

In case you have isolated environment, or otherwise cannot allow access to, disable F-Secure Security Cloud Client via Policy Manager Console:

  1. Log in to Policy Manager Console.
  2. Go to Settings tab.
  3. Select Advanced view.
  4. Navigate to: F-Security Security Cloud Client > Settings > Client is enabled.
  5. Select No from the drop-down menu.
  6. Make sure that the setting is locked.
  7. Distribute policies (CTRL-D).
In case you should not have restricted network access, or if above steps didn't help, contact F-Secure support for further assistance.

Article no: 000016583

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