Policy Manager identifies cloned virtual machines as identical machines and not registering as separate hosts


When deploying cloned virtual machines from a template, Policy Manager identifies them as identical machines even when each machine is configured to have unique accounts in Active Directory. The machines appear to have the same UID and setting the client installations deployment with the Randomise option does not solve the issue.


The template may already have the UID specified. When you clone it, the new machines get the same UID.


  1. Install Client Security on a template with SMBIOS GUID selected.
  2. On the template, execute in Command Prompt:
    fsmautil resetuid randomguid

    Note: fsmautil utility can be found in F-Secure/common folder.

  3. Shutdown and save the template.
  4. Your template is ready and each cloned machine will get a new random GUID after first reboot.
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