How to collect F-Secure debugging logs on Windows Corporate products?


Error or issue related to F-Secure components (e.g. Gatekeeper, Firewall, Network Interceptor Framework, Internet Shield)


Follow the steps below to collect F-Secure debug logs.

  1. Download and run the F-Secure debug tool
  2. Click Update Debug Files Online
  3. Select the components you want to debug (e.g Firewall, Gatekeeper driver)
  4. Click Apply Changes
  5. Reproduce the issue that was reported and take note of the time
  6. Disable debugging by deselecting the components and click Apply Changes
  7. Click Collect Logs once the issue is reproduced
  8. Locate the FSDIAG on the desktop
  9. Send the newly generated FSDIAG log files for investigation and report when the issue was reproduced


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