How do I enable / disable F-Secure Browsing Protection on F-Secure Policy Manager?


I need to enable / disable the Browsing Protection on some client, how can I do it?


  • Open F-Secure Policy Manager:
  1. Settings [Standard view]
  2. F-Secure Browsing Protection
  3. Uncheck the box to Disable or Enable Browsing Protection
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  1. After you had choose your setting, make sure that the padlock is closed, after that you can distribute the policies (Ctrl+D)
Note: F-Secure Browser Protection is an integrated Module within the package, that can be only deactivated via Policy Manager or locally from the Client.
  • If you have disabled Browsing Protection for your Clients, and you want to hide the browser plugin deactivated message in main local UI
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  • Please ask customer support to provide you the file FSCS1410-HF03-signed.jar when you submit a ticket.  This specific hotfix removes notification about disabled BP from UI, while it is disabled.
Distribution details

Standalone computers:Standalone version is not available for this hotfix. Ping MM if you need it.

Centrally managed computers:
1. In F-Secure Policy Manager Console, select Installation tab, import the downloaded jar file.
Select appropriate domain or host and press "Install" button. Select this hotfix and distribute policies.

Article no: 000004715

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For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure product page

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