How can I reset the host UID for F-Secure Server Security/Client Security 14.x?


FSMAUTIL is no longer available for F-Secure Server Security/Client Security 14.x, how to reset the host UID?


In F-Secure Server Security/Client Security 14.x, there is a new tool introduced called resetuid.exe to reset the host identity. This tool will replace FSMAUTIL (F-Secure Management Agent Utility) for both the products. The tool can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Client Security\BusinessSuite\ (Client Security 14.x) or 
C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Server Security\BusinessSuite (Server Security 14.x).


RESETUID SHOWUID  Shows the host Unique Identity currently in use.

RESETUID RESETUID {SMBIOSGUID | RANDOMGUID | WINS | MAC} [APPLYNOW] Schedules regeneration of the host Unique Identity using one of the specified methods:

  • SMBIOSGUID        - uses SMBIOS GUID
  • RANDOMGUID      - uses randomly generated GUID
  • WINS                      - uses WINS (NetBIOS) name
  • MAC                       - uses MAC (ethernet card) address
  • APPLYNOW           - If the product is running, requests to apply new Unique Identity immediately. Otherwise, it is applied to the next start of the product.

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