F-Secure Server Security 14.x installed on the terminal server is not displaying an alert in logical user interface (LUI) when an infection is found


When an infection is found on the terminal server installed with F-Secure Server Security 14.x, alerts are not displaying in logical user interface (LUI)


The root cause is due to some settings in the Windows system which prevent F-Secure notification flyers from being shown, it will be best to start checking from Start > Settings > System > Notifications & actions. Refer to the screenshot below:

User-added image

The fs_toaster.log has the following entry related to the reported issue:

2019-12-11 09:45:41.172 [1898.259c] *E: ToasterInternal::CreateManager: Failed to create Toast manager, Error:803E0105
2019-12-11 11:32:05.445 [1898.034c] *E: ToasterInternal:Smiley SurprisednToastFailed: error: 803E0111


  • The error 803E0105 is "The notification platform is unavailable"
  • The error 803E0111 is "Settings prevent the notification from being delivered"

Article no: 000018822

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