F-Secure Internet Gatekeepr for Linux and HTTP streaming issues

This article explains the functionality of F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux (FSIGK) in relation to HTTP streams.

Note: This article assumes technical understanding of both F-Secure's products and the relevant operating system. If you are unsure, please contact F-Secure support for assistance.

HTTP streaming functionality

FSIGK normally acts as a proxy for the download request. The file is first downloaded onto the FSIGK machine, scanned, and then made available to the client that requested it.

This cannot work correctly with streaming clients, such as Real player, as they tend to require a constant feed of information. For this reason, these streams are normally excluded from scanning.

The exclusion is performed on the basis of the user-agent identification information given in the request via http for the stream. This also explains why some non-standard streaming applications may not function correctly. The administration guide for FSIGK explains how to exclude based on either filetype, user agent or host name involved.

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