Database cannot be accessed


This article describes an issue in F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange where database cannot be accessed.


When you try to make a query for the database or test database connection (by clicking the test database connection link on the database tab) on Web Console, the following message is displayed to you:

Database could not be accessed.
Source: Microsoft SQL Native Client.
Description: Invalid connection string attribute.

Also, you were able to install the product properly and it seems that the product is able to write data to the quarantine database. However, you are not able to make a quarantine query due to the above problem.


To resolve the issue, check that you are not using any special characters in the password of fqmuser username. If you are, change the password of fqmuser to one without any special characters. This can be done either by reinstalling F-Secure Anti-Virus for MS Exchange or by using MS SQL Server Management Studio.

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