Changing the directory for log files

This article describes how you can change the directory for the log files in Internet Gatekeeper.

The log files are saved in the following directory:
/opt/f-secure/fsigk/log/ ("fsigk" package)
/home/virusgw/log/ ("virusgw" package)

If you want to change the directory where the log files are to be saved, you can make a symbolic link in the following way:

Note: In this example, we will change the directory to
  1. ("fsigk" package)
    # mv /opt/f-secure/fsigk/log /var/log/new_logdir
    # ln -s /var/log/new_logdir /opt/f-secure/fsigk/log
  2. ("virusgw" package)
    # mv /home/virusgw/log /var/log/new_logdir
    # ln -s /var/log/new_logdir /home/virusgw/log
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