What are the system requirements for the RDS Windows sensor?

Operating system

The RDS Windows sensor supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and is designed to run on both client and server versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Supported client operating systems:
  • Windows 7 (with KB3033929)
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
Supported server operating systems:
  • Windows 2008 R2 (with KB3033929)
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 2012 R2
  • Windows 2016

Processor and memory

Given the lightweight nature of the RDS sensor, there are no significant requirements regarding CPU and RAM; any machine capable of properly running the supported versions of the operating system should be able to run the client sensor without any noticeable impact.

Disk space

To optimize the data collection and ensure that no activity is lost even when the machine is disconnected from the backend system, the RDS Windows sensor uses a local database to store the data that it collects. The upper limit for this local storage is 100 megabytes by default, meaning that any machine with over 100 megabytes of free space is suitable for installation.

Note: The sensor and its database are stored on the primary partition of the hard drive.

Pricing & Product Info

For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure product page

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