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  • Hi @Ukko, Sorry about that, your reply has now been released.
  • Hello @Ukko, Indeed, a huge milestone! 3000+ posts, amazing! 🙂 Thank you for your time and all the valuable contribution you've done in the community.
  • Thank you for your continuous contribution, Tamas!
  • We are happy to announce that F-Secure ID PROTECTION is now available at F-Secure ID PROTECTION helps prevent hackers from using your personal information to take over your accounts and commit identity theft online. In addition ID PROTECTION doubles as a password manager helping you…
  • Hi Rusli, Regarding the 'Senior Advisor' rank, as mentioned in your previous post here, we are revamping our Ranks since we have moved to a new platform. We will announce once we are ready with the new Ranking system. May I know if you are referring to the emails for the 'Private Messages'? If you are referring to Private…
  • Hi TxT, In addition to Ukko's comment above (Thanks @Ukko), please find more information shared in this post.
  • Hi @Ukko, Welcome here! Thanks for sending us your feedback. a bit tricky navigation (too much many steps?! compared to previous platform); Could you explain more about what you feel about the navigation? unclear read/unread main category/subcategory field Yes, this has been fixed for the posts inside a Category. We have…
  • Hi Rusli! Glad to see you here! Were you having login issues previously before we migrated to the new platform as well? Or was it after the migration in the new platform? We are aware of a known login issue where it shows an error message if you try to login using any URL which has an /en or /fi. We are currently working…
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