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  • Hi @Tomas601 If you have Android 9 and later (MIUI 10+), please try the following: Navigate to Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager. Locate F-Secure Freedome from the list. First turn on Autostart Then, tap the Battery Saver alternative below Set the switch to No restrictions Please check these settings…
    kohteessa Freedome VPN Kommentoijana Jaims lokakuu 14
  • Hi @Tomas601 Are you able to convey your concerns to us in English? We do not have a Swedish language support on the Community at the moment.
    kohteessa Freedome VPN Kommentoijana Jaims lokakuu 13
  • Hi @Skid660 It is only possible to share the license via Family Sharing if you have purchased it from iTunes. Licenses that are managed through our SAFE/Total account cannot be shared in this way.
    kohteessa VPN sharing Kommentoijana Jaims lokakuu 13
  • Hi @MarttiH You should do the following after you have created the .CSV file from Chrome: Open F-Secure ID PROTECTION Click Settings Click Import Passwords Select Dashlane (CSV) on the list Click Select Import the file from there
  • Hi @Issues4Life QUESTION (1): Exactly, how does the F-Secure SENSE Router Security Cloud protection protect our connected devices? https://community.f-secure.com/safe-en/kb/articles/5281-what-is-security-cloud Connected device browse URL through SENSE router > SENSE router send the hash of the URL to security cloud for…
  • Hi @GlenV @JyriJ From our findings, PayPal changed their Captcha service which obviously did not have the Banking Protection reputation but this has now been fixed. Kindly ensure your F-Secure SAFE application is up to date, then test again and let us know the outcome. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • Hi @Issues4Life Minimum password length is 8, maximum is 63 and as suggested earlier, we suggest using the password generator which will produce a 16-character password. You can make use of the Ideas Board to convey your suggestion for the limitless password idea.
  • Hi @Issues4Life There's no remote access feature to access F-Secure SENSE router itself.
  • Hi @Issues4Life Q: On the SENSE Router, I can modify the DHCP range. A: Yes. Q: If I do, what will the impact of the medication be to my current network? A: It depends on what you mean by "impact". Also depends on how your network is set up. For example, you may want to have few devices that you want to assign a static IP,…
    kohteessa DHCP 🗜 Modification Kommentoijana Jaims lokakuu 10
  • Hi @Issues4Life We would suggest you to use the included password generator which will produce 16 character password.
  • Hi @Issues4Life Generally, we will suggest a long multi-word passphrase with combination of numbers and/or capital letter but length is of essence. You may do a combination of words that don't make sense once put together. So ideally, 14-15 character is sufficient but some entity even suggest 20. Remember that you don't…
  • @Senseble_user Please let us know if you face similar issue while using F-Secure SAFE. We will be willing to provide any guidance to help resolve it. Thank you.
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  • Hi @jraju Sincere apologies for the issue you're facing on our Router Checker free tool. Have you tried to the clear browser data from all time, reset the DNS cache then try again? I may recommend you try to do that first and see the outcome. If the issue persists, let us know the browser and browser version you're using…
  • Hello @Asa57596000 Would you want to write in English instead as we do not have community support in Swedish yet? Thank you.
  • Hi @Hopeful_Future F-Secure FREEDOME VPN works only with the client software, Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS devices. F-Secure does not provide the settings for installation on routers. Hence it should not affect other devices like your Windows 10 PC which is without Freedome VPN just because it's within the…
  • Hi @JyriJ Apparently there's been some new changes from PayPal which has caused this issue to suffice. Our lab team are already looking into this. We will revert once there's an update from them but it won't be long so you may try it from the time you see this response or at some intervals. Thank you for your understanding.
  • @Benis To our knowledge, Turkish government sometimes restrict the use of VPN depending on the political situation like during political unrest or protests. The blocking is sometimes enforced, sometimes not but you may want to check with your ISP.
  • Hi @MarttiH Importing from Firefox browser is not possible at the moment but you can import passwords from Google Chrome. You might want to give that a try.
  • Hi @robben Can you please tell us the name and OS version of the device where you encountered this error message? Have you tried to reinstall the program?
    kohteessa outdated database Kommentoijana Jaims syyskuu 28
  • Hi @leuveg You may want to try the below instructions; Turn the FREEDOME protection off and on again Try connecting to another FREEDOME location Change the VPN protocol in use: Open F-Secure FREEDOME Go to Settings Click Choose VPN protocol Switch between OpenVPN and IKEv2 Turn the VPN protection on Check: Restart computer…
    kohteessa why connection failed? Kommentoijana Jaims syyskuu 28
  • Hi @katz Have you tried reinstalling the Freedome VPN app? From the error message, it appears you have another VPN running on the same device.
  • Hi @LindG Thank you for your suggestion. We shall move your suggestion to the Feature Request board for upvote and possible consideration.
    kohteessa MFA Related Kommentoijana Jaims syyskuu 16
  • Hi @David_Thompson83 Are you able to convey your message in English because we do not have Spanish support on the Community yet? Please include the name of the F-Secure product that you are using.
    kohteessa Hi, help, please Kommentoijana Jaims syyskuu 16
  • Hi @Fadel Allowing it will not make any changes. The latest uTorrent is known to also be bundled together with some PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) elements and when installing this software, it will display annoying advertisements. If you are looking for a trusted and free alternative with similar features, then we…
    kohteessa utorrent getting blocked Kommentoijana Jaims syyskuu 15
  • Hi @Chilifries DeepGuard provides an additional layer of security to help protect your personal data against being deleted, ransomed, or stolen by harmful applications. So DeepGuard takes charge of that, preventing keyloggers from recording banking sessions through the verification of trusted cloud service. Read more about…
  • Hi @TL53 We are aware of this issue and a fix is slated to be released in the course of the year. Meanwhile, when facing this issue, please close the SAFE app and restart it. You can do this by showing all the open apps by either clicking the Home-button twice or swiping from the bottom of the screen to the middle of the…
    kohteessa Safe browsing Kommentoijana Jaims syyskuu 14
  • Hi @BaBBen From your screenshots, it appears that you have already added the F-Secure ID Protection extension to your Microsoft Edge browser and it has also been authorized. If the ID Protection app is not responding, I will suggest closing it from the Task Manager and reload but if you are referring to the autofill, you…
  • Hi @Gmen6951nats Installation getting stuck at 44% possibly means that the protection has detected an incompatible software on your PC. Uninstall the incompatible antivirus program and then install F-Secure SAFE from My F-Secure. Guide for the…
  • Hi @Rusli Make sure that you do not have any VPN turned on as this will prevent the F-Secure Router Checker from retrieving the necessary information. VPNs encrypts the traffic. For how long (days/weeks) have you been trying to run this check and on how many devices have you tested this out? Maybe a reboot of your router…
  • Hi @PerAnders From your F-Secure Freedome VPN settings, you can disable the option "Freedome starts automatically when you restart your computer". I tried to reproduced this issue but with the above option turned off and I did not see "F-Secure Freedome UI" running on my Wins 10 processes. Open Freedome, go to Settings and…