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  • Hi, The latest firmware update 2018-01-29_01 - p. is available and includes a fix that hopefully addresses your PPTP passthrough problem. Give it a shot let us know if things are working.
  • Hi, Took a long time to get here, but we have discovered a bug in the switch software that caused devices with certain mac addresses to fail when they were connected over ethernet. It is probable that your issue is the same. We have released a firmware update that should address this problem, please update your SENSE and…
  • Suojausominaisuuksien pitäisi kyllä toimia normaalisti. Todennäköisesti osa rekisteröitymisestä on epäonnistunut ja tietoturvaohjelmistojen osoitteita ei ole saatu tallennettua laitteeseen. Tämä on aika harvinaista mutta joitain havaintoja vastaavasta tilanteesta on tehty aiemminkin. Resetoimisen pitäisi korjata tilanne.…
  • Thanks for reporting this, It's a bit unclear what is going on. It's possible that the WLAN AP you are using isn't always properly working as a pure bridge. it should just pass along those requests to our DHCP server. At least you should have a proper work-around by using the SENSE secure network directly (it is the…
  • Hei, kiitos kun raportoit ongelman. Laitteen rekisteröitymisessä palvelimille on varmaan tapahtunut joku häiriö, resetointi ja asentaminen uudelleen saa aikaan uuden rekisteröitymiskutsun ja toivonmukaan tämä ratkaisee ongelman. Jos asia ei vieläkään ratkea, kannattaa ottaa yhteyttä tukeen puhelimitse. Terveisin: Simo /…
  • Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback and your patience. Do keep us informed if you still discover any further issues in this area. Best Regards: Simo / SENSE QA Lead
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  • Hi, are you using an Android or iOS client? Sounds like a bug of some sort and the event hasn't triggered, let's monitor and check if the following update has similar behavior. Are there any unread firmware events in your list if you scroll all the way through?
  • The F-Secure SENSE CPU is running on MIPS architecture. According to our current information this particular CPU variant is not vulnerable to these attacks.
  • Apologies, we had some delays in publishing this information. What's new thread has been now updated with new firmware summary.
  • SENSE router firmware version 2018-01-09_01 - p1.4.16.38 has been released SENSE will automatically update and take it into use at the scheduled time when online Changes: * User Visible * This firmware update exposes time-zone / 12-24h clock adjustment functionality in mobile apps (Latest beta app needed on Android) *…
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  • A great question, You can become a beta tester for the Android app from the SENSE app page on google play. Scrolling down on the app details in google play there's a button that gives you access to the beta version. Re-installing the application or SENSE is not necessary for this. Public firmware betas are currently not…
  • The Android Beta app was updated to version 1.0.782: - Improved devices view - Updated Antivirus component - Timezone / 12/24h clock adjustment capability (exposed by firmware update 2018-01-09 - p. - Bug fixes
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  • Apologies for the delay, We have been steadily working on the guest network for the past couple of sprints. There's still a show stopping WIFI driver bug to kill before we are confident this feature can be released to customers. We are working with our chipset vendor to resolve it.
  • Hi, Thanks for the great question, at the moment we don't scan lan-to-lan traffic specifically, but we are looking into features that would help isolate devices in lan also. If somebody manages to join your network without consent, the extra device will show up on your devices list on the SENSE app. There will also be a…
  • I want to assure everyone we are taking this issue seriously, but until we can reproduce the problem properly it's a bit of a guessing game of what exactly could be wrong. Currently we are working on a slightly bigger bugfix firmware release, but it seems likely we won't be able to ship it to production within the…
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  • iOS app version 1.1.2291 has been released: What's new: * Improvements to user flows for PPPoE connectivity * Bug fixes
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  • Thank you for the update, hopefully your issue has been resolved. Please let us know how things go.
  • Hi, Thanks for sending us feedback. Currently we don't have this option available for end-users, but I will add a feature request into our tracking system for us to discuss. Best Regars: Simo / SENSE QA Lead
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  • Hi, thanks for getting in touch. We have not observed any particular slowness in connecting to the SENSE WIFI unless the radio channel used is somehow congested. If it's only the TV that has this problem then it is not necessarily clear what is happening. You could try switching the WIFI channels that SENSE uses from the…
  • IoT security can be a broad concept. We have functionality already available which also inspects DNS requests coming out of the systems and blocks them if the destination is classified as malicious in the security cloud. This functionality can protect you in case your IoT device was exposed and got somehow infected with…
  • Hei, Emme ole testanneet kyseistä laitetta. SENSEn verkko toimii WPA2 salauksella, jos evernote snapscan ei tue kyseistä salausta, sitä ei voi liittää SENSE-verkkoon. WPS ei myöskään ole SENSEssä tuettu sen turvattomuuden takia. Mikäli WPA2 tuki laitteesta löytyy, sen pitäisi kyllä periaatteessa toimia. Terveisin: Simo /…
  • Ikean sivusto sisältää valtavasti trackingia ja sen suodattaminen vaikuttaa sivuston toimivuuteen varmasti. Ainoa work-around on sammuttaa tracking protection ikean sivustoilla asioimiseksi. Valitettavasti verkkotasolla yksittäisen sivun trackingin kontrolloiminen on haastavaa koska emme pysty tietämään mistä täsmälleen…
  • iOS sovelluksessa on olemassa toiminto liittyä piilotettuun verkkoon asennuksen aikana, mutta Androidista kyseinen ominaisuus vielä puuttuu, se on työlistallamme. Voit laittaa upstream-verkon näkyviin ja piilottaa sen kun asennus on viety loppuun. Jos verkon nimi ja SSID ovat edelleen samoja, yhteyden muodostumisen pitäisi…
  • Todennäköisesti performanssiongelmanne johtuvat WIFI-taajuuksien ruuhkasta. SENSEn itsensä tarjoaman verkon käyttämiä kanavia voi vaihtaa SENSE-sovelluksesta. Liittäkää laitteenne SENSEn tarjoamaan 5GHz verkkoon ja kokeilkaa vaihtaa käytettyä wifi-kanavaa sovelluksesta.
  • Hei, Olemme poistaneet 5 päivän offline-laitteiden suodatuksen sovelluksista koska se aiheutti muita ongelmia tilanteissa joissa SENSEn kello on väärässä (laitteet hävisivät kokonaan). Toistaiseksi ei ole mahdollista poistaa laitteita manuaalisesti listalta muutoin kuin resetoimalla SENSE ja asentamalla se alusta.…
  • We have received your logs, thanks for sending them. It's clearly the same issue: the security credentials are missing from keychain so the app cannot authenticate. We are still puzzled to what could be the root cause of this issue. We have added checks to make sure we don't mess with it. Have you at any point deleted the…
  • Hi, For optimal network performance we recommend using a wired connection to the internet and LAN and using the 5Ghz WIFI for your wireless clients. WIFI upstream connection is bound to the 2.4GHz network interface, which has physical limitations on available bandwidth. You won't be able to get maximum benefit from your…
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  • The --||-- symbol means that SENSE thinks it does not have internet connectivity, which also may explain why your devices in the sense network are unable to connect. Either bthub isn't giving SENSE an IP-address or there's some other issue. I assume you have managed to run SENSE setup when connected to the bthub with a…
  • The next time this happens, please use the "send feedback" feature from the application more screen, that will send us the iOS logs from your app. Please refer to this discussion so we know it's you. We are very curious to understand what exactly is going on. Apologies for your trouble, Best Regards: Simo / SENSE QA Lead
  • Thanks for giving it a try and reporting back.