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I have a f-secure sense router, and the app for MacOS available on http://sense.router is not compatible with my MacBook Pro with MacOS 10.11.

Can you provide a link to download a compatible app (even if it is an older version, better than nothing) ?

Thanks !


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    As a reminder, this part of the Community is in Finnish. You may find the English community here or from the switch [ EN | FI ] in the right-hand corner.

    Apart from that, your Mac OS (El Capitan) is a bit too old to run our security program - and we don't have an older version to share either. Like F-Secure SAFE on Mac, we support the three major versions of Mac OS (at the moment, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina. If you can't upgrade your system, your device is protected with the F-Secure SENSE network when connected to it.


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