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  • Thanks for your answer. Strange than that the F-secure expert on the chat didn't point that out. I am now using (a simpler version of the F-secure) antivirusprogram offered by my internet provider, and that works. Thanks to you all!
  • Dear Ukko, Yes I do understand the need for basic information, and that money gots the world go round but......... I am using the program (without any problems until some weeks) for at least two decades; it was provided by my work (university) as a file (and that was it) for personal use. I simply forgot my personal e-mail…
  • Finally, I got a long chat, but they simply refused to help me without a licens key or ordering number, and since I am using this program for decades I don't have that information (any more), and silly, that kind of information is not included in the program itself......Not happy at all.
  • sigh, chat is not available in the evening.......
  • Dear Ukko, Thank you for your patience. I checked start-> services and all (5) visible F-secure services are running (also after restart no change).Also the Base Filtering Engine is running. Sincerely yours Wil Tamis
  • Thanks again, but nope chat here all day unavailable....
  • Dear Ukko, Thank you again! I wil contact the official F-secure support channels, but they are not open/active whatever during the weekend. I activated/deactivated every possible security features, without any effect. Thanks for the tip. Sincerely yours Wil Tamis
  • Dear Ukko, Thank for your respons. Yes, I restarted the computer several times. I am using Windows 7 (Home edition). There are, as far as I can see/discover, no pending updates. Any other solutions? Tips? Sincerely yours Wil Tamis