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  • Is it possible please to ensure that when F-Secure Key is locked and the interface closed that the process fskey.exe is also ended. It seems to remain running in the background unless closed with Windows Task Manager. Surely when the program is closed the process should also terminate?
  • I had this problem which I think I solved. Here's what I did : I noticed that despite closing the program the file fskey.exe still remains running in the background. Closing the interface does not actually stop the background process. So you need to use the Windows Task Manager, to CLOSE the running process (fskey.exe)…
  • I understand all that. What bothers me is that when the KEY application is opened, then the web forms are immediately accessible. This is a helpful feature but hardly secure. For instance, should I be adding or amending any other password with the KEY application necessarily open, then any hacker can go direct to ALL my…
  • The Car Alarm system is not quite a fair analogy. I appreciate F-Secure Key should not to be left unlocked, but it has to be if the automated access is used. Furthermore it has to be on simply to read existing passwords or to add new ones. My point is simply if my computer was hacked whilst F_Secure Key is operative, then…
  • There is clearly a security breach. Once F-Secure Key is opened anyone connecting to a site from the computer will be able to click onto password protected sites, using the automatic access when the login and password boxes appear. The password will not be shown but automatic access to the site will be easily accessed.…