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  • Ahh, perfect :) I just spoke to my support consultant, and he is ordering the Admin -Key-Replacer.jar for me now. Again - thank you very much Brgds, Thomas
  • Ok, first remotely re-installed client rebooted, and now it shows up as intended, so i think it is safe to say now, that the problem has been solved. So lesson learned : When using port 80, don't specify it as port 80, just go without :) Brgds, an thanx a lot for your help.
  • So far it is starting to look better - I have contact to official support, but no case# atm. Actually what i did to make the first few clients look good, was to manually change the link to the PM server to something invalid (port 8090), try to sync the policy, and the back, sync, and finally running without the port number…
  • Great, thank you very much for your help - F-Secure is relatively new to me, so still got lots of blank spots in my knowledge :) I am located in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will add the information here as soon as i have it. Brgds, Thomas
  • Actualy it seems fsaua.log was updated right after i checked: [ 308]Mon Jul 11 13:55:03 2011(2): Connecting to http://fsecureserver:80 (no BW proxy, no HTTP proxy)... [ 308]Mon Jul 11 13:55:03 2011(2): Update check completed successfully. No updates are available. Looking at the same klient, i have an issue with upgrading…
  • Hi, Great, looks like we are getting a little closer :) The proxy error is gone now - We had a general policy, telling FSCS to use browser settings for proxy configuration. I did set it to 'No' instead, which seemed to removed that issue. I have tried to run fsmautil, but i don't seem to get anything in the logfile.log by…
  • Hi, Sorry, forgot to mention that i tried https as well as http on port 8080, no reply on either. With regards to the logfile.log - i have checked two different hosts now, they don't show anything about connecting,only the information shown in the the previous post. This leads to fsaua.log, where it actuallt shows the…
  • Hi, The upgrade was done by a consultant, but keys were imported correctly as far as i can see, and the installation was running fine for a month or two. I am able to connect to the server on port 80 & 8081, but i get nothing on port 8080. Server Status Monitor is fine on all three ports, though. When i look at one of the…
  • After Readnig i just wanted to add: Rules for importing new hosts are made, and seemed to work, but i don't see any of the newst hosts. It seems the problem has been ongoing for a few months now. So…