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  • Want to see the contact page form with the country drop down that never responds, thus blocking access to filing a help ticket? Here- this is the page you said I should not be seeing; this is the ONLY page that has EVER been on the contact link and it has NEVER permitted me past the broken coutry code request drop down:
  • I want 100% of my money back now. Because of the bug on your web page I described above, it will not let me open a support ticket or contact support. Don't tell me to contact support through a web page that won't let me unless you're posting a direct email address to such. support I am disputing the charges with my credit…
  • I will try another browser.. I am using the mos recent release. It just seems like F-Secure ws not prepared for their own success and are overwhelmed with people needing help and I am just another such voice. Here is my advise. You need to just down on the number of people seeking help before you ruin your reputation. Here…
  • OK Ben you tell mev what I have to do to get help with your product becasue I give up... Latest problem- , along with all the other unsolved ones, @Ben wrote: Hello TT2, Thank you for your feedback. I'll try to cover every problem you brought up. 1)There should not be a country dropdown in our chat webform. Could you copy…
  • To summarize, here are the outstanding issues 1- card declined when trying to purchase password maanger. This is not an issue with my card, country, browser cookies or anything else. I have purchased both FREEDOME and SAFE using the exact same process. 2- unable to log into this Community site or f-secure's site from any…
  • HEre is the text of the link tot he page which opens a support ticket and which I screen shoted above: Contact our support staff for assistance. Check phone numbers and service hours or submit a support request. It's at the bottom of the page you linked me to. Click "support request" ad see if you don't see what I am…
  • The link you provided to em to opena ticket.. did you followi it yourself? Did you see the attached screeen shot? This is the form withthe country drop down etc....
  • Look the text message you send me only takes me to Google play. It says i hae the software installed already , which I do, but you are telling me it's expired (after three days). When i try to login to my account, for unknown reasons it says wrong username or password. I KNOW THEY ARE NOT WRONG, and FYI I do things not…
  • Thank you for the reply. I like your products and am rying to get them no my family's devices. HEre is what happened today, by way of example. I got a message on my phone that says "subscription expired" License not activated Iin fact, it is, you sent me the text message and I activated through that text message and for…