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  • Good morning, I installed version on iOS 11.2.6 and the idle option is turned on. I notice the freeze in different situations, sometimes in the middle of surfing, sometimes after a period in which the phone was idle. Best Florian
  • Hi Simo, in my opinion, devices like NAS and backup systems belong to the most important gadgets in households today. Therefore it should be prioritized quite high to secure them and make sure, that they are still accessible behind a tool like Sense. But that's just my humble opinion. Best Trotzendorff
  • I Can. But nonetheless, TimeMachine doesn't find my NAS as a backup volume in the network. And in Finder, the Synology shows up under "Network", but the connection fails.
  • Hi there, it didn't. So actually I only have two choices: Plug the NAS directly to the Sense, which makes it unreachable via DynDNS or plug it to my FritzBox, which makes it unreachable from my home network. Best Trotzendorff
  • Hi there! Unfortunately not, static routing didn't change anything. :-/ Best Trotzendorff
  • Hi there! I've tried it this way, but unfortunately the volume (NAS) can't be found, despite static routing. Another way would be to plug the NAS directly to Sense, but in this case, it's not reachable via DynDNS ( So right now, it…
  • Thanks for your answer Simo! If I want Sense to be the primary router, where do I enter the credentials for my internet connection? Another problem is, that if I plug the NAS back to the router, it's not reachable (via AFP or for my Time-Machine-Backups) in my local network anymore. Any chance to fix that?
  • Thanks for all your answers. I tried it the way 1sk proposed, but unfortunately it still doesn't work. The actual setting is: 1. Router is not in bridge mode 2. Sense has a static IP address 3. Ports are forwarded from the Router to the IP of Sense 4. Same ports are forwarded from Sense to the IP of the NAS Should work,…