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  • we have found the porblem http://IP_PMSPROXY13_local:443 -works http://IP_PMSPROXY13_local - doesen't work, no FS Page run script at PMSPROXY13_local /opt/f-secure/fspms/bin/fspms-config and in: Configure the ports for the Policy Manager Proxy Host module HTTP [2]: 'empty was' so I change it to 80, any else settings save…
  • I don't find file: FSAUA\fsaua.log - win10 ive got logs [ 1612]Fri Nov 17 09:23:02 2017(2): Connection to PMS denied without PMProxy by policy (1) [ 1612]Fri Nov 17 09:23:02 2017(3): Update check failed. There was an error connecting http://IP_PMS/guts2/ (Unspecified error) - becouse I deny that traffic [10144]Fri Nov 17…
  • another questions, - on clients (windows) where are logs from connection to PMProxy, FSecure update, PMServer? - on PMProxy (linux) where are clinet conection logs?
  • I've got some probelm with getting AV updates on hosts from PMProxy. I'm testing diffrent configurations with local PMProxy13, hosts have settings: 1st - Use HTTP Proxy: NO, uncheck 2d- Use HTTP Proxy: From Browser both don't have check two fields Allow falling back to PMS/FSecure Update and this hosts have virus…
  • in FSPMServer -> Automatic Updates (Settings) should be checked "Use HTTP Proxy" User defined/or From browser? In Remote Offices I dont have/dont use any proxies to internet connection
  • Software updates DB - is it just a list of Updates that FSPMS/FSPMProxy can download and Clients can install ? I've done Report at local FSPMProxy13, and there is no Download updates, no Distributet updates, no Used Space Mayby I set something wrong? Clients, PMS, PMProxy are in 13.00 version. Software Updates are enable…
  • after restart CentOS, everything is OK, I think. New host PMProxy is visible in PMServer
  • Hello in my case i was unable to upgrade FSPM-12.40 NG-Proxy just by installing FSPMP-13.00.83039-1.x86_64.rpm There is error “f-secure-policy-manager-server conflicts with f-secure-policy-manager-proxy-13.00.83039-1.x86_64 FSPM-12.40 NG-Proxy works on centos-release-7-4.1708.el7.centos.x86_64 I try to uninstall FSPM-12.40…
  • Its OK now, after delete file fspms-webapp-1-SNAPSHOT_12.40.jar
  • hello, i've this problem to. FSPMS 12.40, windows server 2012r2. after upgrade to fspms13 "cannot connect to localhost" at any ports :-((
  • I have same problem since upgrade to 12.40 on 2012 R2, Java 8u131 CPU = 4 vCPU MEM = 8 Gb Now I've uninstall Java 8u131 and reinstal FSPMS12.40 - it help for 10-20 minutes. Curently after system start CPU goes to 70-90% Java Platform SEbinary process (no Java installed so its probebly from FSPMS enviroment) Status Monitor…
  • OK I know that But if I have 80 Remote Offices with about 1000 hosts managed from one PM that is localized in HQ then this nothing change for me, becouse this 1000hosts have to download software form PM in HQ not from internet. Remote Offices are connected to HQ by VPN tunnels with limited bandwitch In old version PM…
  • Hello Thanx for reply I'm using new FSPM too. Proxy cache for SoftwareUpdater is very nice thing, but in my structure with many remote offices it is no usefull becouse I've few CentOS7 with FSPM configured as AUA for local comuters. In configuration FSSoftwareUpdater I can select comunication as: If possible/Never/Always -…