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  • Hi nanonyme. In short, I have been at home using my home wifi recently. But I will be using the portable wifi again soon, but with a new laptop. So if little data is consumed keeping the AV updated, it indicates the problem lies with the old laptop. I am in the process of updating windows 10 on the old laptop, first to…
  • I would add that my laptop has developed a frustrating process of taking a long time to start-up since upgrading from Windows 8 to 10. I have found others on Microsoft forums suffering similarly, but no known answer. This slow startup includes high hard disk activity. The solution, when I can bite the bllet, may be to do a…
  • Hi, Thanks for the questions. Basically, there was nothing else I could think of that was consuming so much data - take into account that I closed the lid (hibernated) the laptop after use, and used the laptop a number of times each day. On each start up, F-secure checked for updates (I learnt to right mouse click the tray…
  • Thanks for your responses guys. I had a good break Näsäviisas, thanks for your good wishes. I just hope I don't run out of my 2 Gb/month data allowance when I go away again in a few weeks. (I use data for my hobbies - not work). I don't think I understood the references to technical issues with F-secure databases. The rate…
  • Thanks Ukko. I was on holiday so have not studied the document in your link ("Data transfer declaration"). A quick look at section 7 (bandwidth) suggests F-secure should use tens of Mb of data transfer in 3 days, and not a few hundred Mb each day, as I experienced. I will read the document in more detail. HOWEVER, while on…