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  • My environment is quite the same (Asus A56C). In my case I do not want autoload - so there are no problems anymore - I mean slow or delayed startup is not tangling the use of F-S Key.
  • Also my problems are "history". Sometimes typing master password fails, but I think it is some kind of overload situation and I am used to it. It is also nice that ctrl+f2 fills up both fields (user + password). So I feel quite secure :).
  • This minimize button (that minus sign) does not work - suppose it should? By task bar I ment quick launch task bar (again W8.1), which is enough for me - I do not need to see that little icon in actual task bar because it does not increase information but takes unnecessarily space You can see that program is running when…
  • Perhaps that autorun and removal operations work a bit differently in W8.1. But anyway the case was that "autorun" launched only that small icon, not the program. The situation was created in the setup process of this program where I stated that I do not want autorun. Now I have removed that operation and starting computer…
  • Well, now I have some experience of newest update. Program does start properly, but there are still two odd features: * firstly it loads an icon on taskbar during startup without loading the profram (I have decided not to load the program automatically) * secondly the minimize button does not work at all So there is left…
  • problem occures too often (about every third time) the pop-up table is totally empty with no possibilities to write anything to any line - so I cannot start the service I just found out that in task manager I can shut down the program so this seems to help (like wise restart does it too), but it is still odd behaviour just…