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  • yap that's the way I understand it too (after re-reading it) :) Just an official confirmation would be nice.
  • ok I've re-read the Advisory now for several times. You could understand it the way that it means FSCS v13.10.x are not affected at all as it reads that older installations below v13.10 should be upgraded to 13.10. That would explain why there is no update for 13.10 on the download page - you don't need one If that would…
  • you're welcome :) No need to apologize. well yes i meant that Bulletin. It reads that fscs 13.x is affected too and mentions that thee is a fix available. I am also unsure if there already is an update for 12.x. The last available Hotfix for 12.x is from January 2018. It doesn't refer to the vulnerability and was released…
  • Accoarding to f-secure support it is not possible to exclude a file from DeepGuard Advanced Process Monitoring. So the only way would be to run the 16 Bit App in some emulator or vm (or deactivate advanced process monitoring in DeepGuard - which is not really an option). F-Secure Lab is not going to analyze this further…
  • As far as this is concerned I agree with you. That is why I did that just on one host for testing and not in the whole Domain. However running those app in a vm is not really an alternative. The most important App will be replaced by a newer one soon anyhow whti windows 10 coming up here (hence Win 10 does indeed not…
  • As I found out now the problem is that DeepGuard manipulates the Process by injecting some dll now. This is called "extended process monitoring". Once DeepGuard is active but extended process monitoring is deactivated all works fine. So I gues either this manipulation oder the injected dll is not 16bit compatible anymore…
  • That's not correct. You can still execute 16Bit Apps in Win7 32bit or even Win2008 Server 32bit. Just the 64bit ones do not support that anymore. And FSCS 11.61 is still available and runs on XP as it does on Win7 
  • 344]Mon May 05 02:22:43 2014(2): Update check completed successfully. No updates are available. [ 344]Mon May 05 02:32:41 2014(2): Connecting to http://<fspm> (http://<fspmp>:8080, no HTTP proxy)... [ 344]Mon May 05 02:32:43 2014(2): Update check completed successfully. No updates are available. [ 344]Mon May 05 02:42:41…
  • hi Policy-Manager-Proxy is reachable via http. It tells me it is working fine if I open the url in a browser: "If you can see this message, FSPMP v 2.00 is installed in working fine." Though all clients do report that they use the FSPM Server as update server in their settings. I want them to use FSPMP. Greetings Sebastian
  • hi, I think about trying this migration here. I just installed FSPM 11 onto a new server in order to use this. There is an FSPM 10 on a Linux machine whic is in use currently. Unfortunately in the FSPM 11 installation I cannot find the mentioned migration tool anymore. Looks like F-Secure have decided to take it away with…