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  • Hi Yes, the frewall was the problem. I lost my network connections to network printers at the same time, but it took some time to find out that that was the firewall too. The firewall allowed the network again with resetting the "Network Discovery" then adding "spooler" to Outbound Rules. A rather stupid set of settings…
  • reference "got another question" I am puzzled by what exactly you mean when you state that "4 license was used" I can see which license of my licenses is used on each of my computers. If the license is validated you can see the key by clicking on hidden icons in the task bar, clicking on the F-Secure logo, clicking on the…
  • Reference "does that mean if im not connected to internet" Yes, that has happened to me. However, it would appear F-Secure have been changing the rules lately. The last time (approx. 2 months ago) I tried to move the license whilst connected to the internet, the F-Secure license server told me I had moved the license too…
  • I realise what you are saying but I quote you "and don't go surfing into strange places while it's installing, you should be safe." My bolded text. A downloadable CD image could be current (within a few days) and would be safer for such a situation. Such an image could be made available only to current license holders.
  • This is how it worked for me last time. Simply install F-Secure on the new computer with the license number you want to move. You will be automatically be connected to the F-Secure license server which will tell you the licesnse is associated with another computer and asks if should it be changed. Confirm the change. Job…