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  • Not to feel to bad, Simon, as I thought the same thing as you, who is this guy who comes out of the woodwork and pronounces all these shortcoming or exploits of security vendors software (esp. BD) let alone on a twitter account link. I'm not trying to pile on Blackcat, as I appreciate your contributions here, complete with…
  • "However - I do think programs such as F-Secure should at least have the option to detect and remove such things, to be honest I think many many people think that is what these security programs are for." I agree in principal, that it would be nice it our paid for security would do what a free version is doing instead.…
  • Even though F-Secure was not a part of this commissioned study of Firewall protection concerning Public networks, it may help us to at least think twice about how, or why F-Secure is using Windows firewall. Windows Firewall seems very competent…
  • +1 voted, as this this would be so nice to have. Even though I have a scheduled scan set to hopefully run when I'm not using the PC, that is'nt always the case with me. I would love to be able to pause a scan so that I could follow up with the thing or two that I found myself needing to do. As far as security in pausing a…
  • Also, most of F-Secure's information and settings are still "on-board" (i.e.Parental Controls/Subscription Keys and Versions etc.) and not on a MyBitdefender web page. Hopefully, F-Secure keeps it that way.
  • It was a good and informative thread you started, Blackcat, as I've wondered what was going on with such a long install update process. You just asked more questions and had more observations than the "normal" user, in which case we learned more in depth information with yours and Fendy's back and forth dialogue :)
  • Same thing I wondered as far as Blackcat's general takes a heck of a long time to get the initial virus defs. to install, and I have done the same thing as Simon, waited a bit and restarted the PC, to have it show all is updated (I have 30Mbps cable internet, so it must be a program/server issue?). Thanks for…
  • Hi Chrissy, and thank you for monitoring this thread :) In my case, it turned out as I was kind of thinking on my end, that it may have been something to do with my ISP. Turns out, my modem wasn't properly provisioned and was slowly shutting down on their system. A tech just left and gave me a new upgraded modem (properly…
  • That seems to be the case with me too, with both the AV and Suite (both 2014 versions), hardwired or wirelessly. I thought it was my ISP, but the modem seemed to show an active connection (Charter can be sporadic at times). I will monitor it more on my end, as I just thought it was just Charter and I
  • Hi FormerMember :) According to this thread, that option is no longer avaliable: edit: I do not see a easy way (normal settings) to disable the Update function. edit 8.11.2013 - recipient username changed
  • Yes, to far behind for me. Good observation and thought, Janiashvili, as to why they tend to use older versions, allot of the bugs worked out, less for them to deal with in customer issues.
  • Since I too have Charter, I looked into their F-Secure version. In my case, at that time in late 2012, I bought a F-Secure license and compared the purchased version to Charters version, which theirs seemed to be behind in build? Not sure if it matters, as I'm sure all the AV defs. are the same, but I wanted the latest and…
  • Yes, a nice little added touch by F-Secure :)
  • @Janiashvili, On your first concern , I just wanted to let DJ know what version I was running and comparing to, but thank you for that kind reminder for all those who may read this thread of upgrade ability :) Your second concern, yes, I thought about re-wording my post, but to late. I should have said your Desktop…
  • Nice YouTube link you found there, DJ :) Having "lightly" tested the beta, I would have to agree with the guy on YouTube, it is the best, cleanest and easy to read and follow version IMHO. I also like the look of the Launch Pad, nice rich colors, including a Gaming mode option. Another nice little smile feature is that the…
  • You're welcome, Bengt. Thank you for posting back, and for the kind words. I'm glad you were helped
  • Hi Bengt Are you wondering if you should allow Windows Defender to run along side of, with, F-Secure for better protection? It should be turned off, as to not cause system instability, or slow downs due to 2 scanners running at the same time, even though Windows Defender is purely a spyware scanner. To use the free on…
  • Even though JamesD found his answer, and consider it solved, thanks for the helpful follow up links provided by Ben and jumija, very informative.
  • Informative thread, it answered my question about FF 18.0.2 not showing the ratings on my searches, plus more pertinent information Thanks , kudos given.
  • Thanks for these warings you posted, (update flash thread also) Rusli, and for the follow up grc test, it's appreciated
  • Here is the info. I can glean from my 2012 Security Suite. I don't see anything with that description, unless I need to click and tick somewhere else. I also didn't see anything in the F-Secure (x86) File. Chung-wei may have a good observation going here, or did F-Secure address that another way in the 2012 version? edit:…
  • That could be. Are you using the ISP version of F-Secure, and do they use a different update server for those accounts? I have the store bought version, with 15 MB "speed", so maybe that can make a difference.
  • To be honest, I'm impressed with how well F-Secure's auto update performs. I have yet been able to catch it routinely to do a manual update from the Check for Update tab, as it's already updated itself. It seems very solid and behind the scenes dependable on my PC, Windows 7 64-bit, 2012 Security Suite.
  • Hi Rodrick, So at least the online scanner was able to complete a scan, as you and Kitty who could not get the installed version to do a full scan? Let us know what you end up with your MBAM scan.
  • Thank you Kalataja for your update on my suggestion. To be honest, I've been a little conflicted by my suggestion as I use F-Secure more and more ( Security Suite 2012). In that the Launch Pad comes in handy in that I don't have to minimize or hit the desktop shortcut on my Notification area to see some of the F-Secure…
  • Hi Kitty, Is F-Secure MTNL part of your ISP security software package? If so, try disabling the AV real time protection, and running the F-Secure Online Scanner, and see if it gets further than you have been able to go. Otherwise, do a scan with the free version of Malwarebytes, and see if that can scan all the way through…
  • Thanks for that heads up. I've also noticed that Open Candy is becoming more prevalent. MSE and another AV detected it on the same installed software about 6 months ago, on 2 different PC's. I downloaded that file today, and submitted it to Virus Total, and it now no longer flags it. So I don't know if the vendor took it…
  • Your welcome, and thank you for getting back to us. Glad all is well. Scott
  • Is this the rescue cd your looking for?
  • Hi Janis, it could be a false positive. Do you have a HP PC? In doing a Google Search it brought up that it is used to burn a utility disc to check for HP hardware problems. If you have a HP, then you're fine, if not lets go from there. I too have Charter's version of F-Secure, and they are running v.9, compared to the new…