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  • Still not working. The Traffic Protected stat is changing, but the Harmful Sites Blocked and Tracking Attempts Blocked are not changing at all. I also use WebRoot Secure Anywhere and have the Open DNS servers manually configured on IPV4. I connect via a wired connection to a cable modem. I ran the AMTSO free tests,…
  • So far the new update looks good, no more errors. I wouldn't have know about the update if it wasn't posted here. Even looking at the downloads, I can't tell what version number is being offered.
  • I never did resolve this issue and I haven't found any solutions elsewhere on the board. Any ideas other than those already referenced?
  • Thanks for posting those detailed instructions so that others may follow as well. So far that seems to be working fine!
  • I don't seem to have a hibernate option orelse it is buried pretty deeply. I'm using Windows 10 Home.
  • OK, I tried just turning off protection on Freedome before shutting down or letting the computer go into sleep mode and that prevented this from occurring. If I just shutdown the comuter without turning protection off I still get the Driver Installation Error on start up.
  • I am having the same problem in Windows 10 Freedome ver 1.0.2246.0. Happens when I start up my computer from any state, haven't tried shutting down Freedome first but I will try that. For me the problem first appeared after a Freedome update which apparently happened on November 12. Before that it was fine.
  • Thank you, yes I did check that too and it didn't help. I even tried disabling IPv6, rebooting, re-enabling, etc and always the same result.
  • I would add that I have tried the suggestions in the FAQ, checking that IPV6 is enabled and it is, using regedit to check IPV6 and none of that worked.