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  • Same issue after a fresh install on an iPhone 6. Please, fix this!
  • Version 4.7.4. App store doesn't offer newer versions.
  • By the way, the new top bar icon is not exactly a win. I have a dark theme, and it's essentially invisible. It's the third from the left in the image. Example here.
  • @dukavi wrote: If you still want to have an icon in dockbar, you need to modify plist file: 1. Open /Applications/F-Secure 2. Remove these lines: <key>LSUIElement</key> <string>1</string> Confirmed, this works. For those who are not comfortable working with XML a less risky way to achieve the…
  • Oh noes! From now on it's not possible to activate/open Key with Cmd+Tab / keyboard? That's a huge usability loss. Please make the old behaviour a setting.
  • Well, could be. Especially in the car. But, setting you mention didn't help me. And for the record, Airplay doesn't stop - it keeps thinking it's connected and streaming as if nothing happened. Packets just don't seem to reach the Airplay enabled device. It's as if suddenly (after a reconnect of VPN or something) iPhone…
  • No, there's a misunderstanding. There are absolutely no problems when Freedome is off.
  • Sorry for the delay in answering. Had to try out the "Keep VPN on when device is idle" setting. No help there - similar behavior occurs even if the setting is on. I upgraded to iOS 9 few days after it's release, so that should've been maybe 20th of September or so. During the same time Freedome was updated as well. I…
  • Hi! Unfortunately there is no clear memory footprint about the period between iOS 9 upgrade and new Freedome version and problems during. The problem might've existed, and I was hopeful about the new Freedome version fixing it, but alas, it didn't. But really, can't remember. Current version of Freedome is…
  • I guess it's obvious, but Windows is affected as well. None of my devices sync atm. The problem seems to have started last week, as password saved in Windows on Friday 12th of September has not been synced on nor Mac or iPhone.
  • I'm seeing this as well - seems like a server problem. Key logs the following in /Users/${USER}/Library/Application Support/F-Secure/Pwmgr/Pwmgr.log [06:30:39:524] -C- file:///Applications/ [1] : [debug] API uploadCurrent... [06:30:40:317] -C-…