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  • Hi there. Thank you so much for responding to my plea. I decided to unistall F-Secure & then re-install it to see if it made any difference - someone said it might not have installed properly. It was difficult to find the original Virgin link to get it free, but I found it. As it was loading, I saw "installing Computer…
  • Hey Blackcat. That was a quick response. Thank you ! Yeah, I did originally start a thread asking about my problem, but someone responded & sent me links to similar threads with some other folk's similar questions & I found myself responsing to those as well (like I did yours). Sorry about that. Anyway, it seems that I HAD…
  • I don't have the "Computer Security" option. I have "Online Safety" showing instead. What can I do? When I click on that, it tells me that "harmful sites are blocked" & "Banking protection is on". And there is a "Settings" link on that page. If I click on that, a box comes up asking about downloading "F-Secure settings".…
  • Hey blackcat. Both your links show as "Blocked. This website has been proven as harmful". I'm really tearing my hair out over this F-secure replacement for my Virgin Security. My 4 options are "Online Safety", "Safe Profile", "Search", & "F-Secure". The "Computer Security" icon does not show.
  • Thanks for your speedy help. But I seem to be having the same problem as all those in the thread you forwarded to me ! Some of links I clicked on are either "Blocked" as they are harmful or say they're not compatible with Windows 7. One of the links says that I should * Go to Start and then click Control Panel. *…