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  • I've checked in the FAQ but there seems to be no mention of this shortcuts mentioned anywhere, I'll see them to be added to our FAQ / documentation.   There are other nice 'advanced hacks' which would be worth mentioning, for example you can copy …
  • Hi,   There are few cases indeed that will do that in the current version of the product and has been adressed in the incomming version.   There is, however, a simple way to force to enter the username, to do so when selecting the service from t…
  • >>First, Security & Privacy/Privacy on my Mac 10.9.1 doesn't seem to allow me to add an app, unlocked or otherwise.   If i recall correctly, in latest OSX there's no obvious 'add button' (i couldn't find one myself) however i was able to…
  • Very interesting indeed, looks like a condition that escaped our tests, i'll add this to our backlog.   One question, we're talking here about 'maximized', not 'fullscreen' right? or does it misbehaves in both cases?   -Mat
  • Uops, this is bound to happen with quick and dirty scripts :)   Would it be possible for you to try out with the same file, but be sure that there's no extra characters at the end of the file? To do so simply open the csv file, go to the last vis…
  • Yep, there are many different formats out there and our hands are full at the moment.   However I managed to squeeze some time for a quick script to help those who are eager to use fskey, it is unofficial, unsupported and all the applicable discla…
  • Hi,   The ctrl+f2 is meant to be the backup method where you can input your user and/or password anywhere, you can use it in native applications, web pages and with some hidden tips even in shell sessions like using Putty.   It has a nice advant…
  • The problem has been identified and a working solution is already tested in our beta version, it will be included in the next public release.   -Mat
  • an xml format you could try to translate is the one passwordsafe uses, without the gibberish it looks like this:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>       dummy     a user     a password     a note     the field…