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  • @jawa wrote: Hi Try to upgrade Fs to 2012 from 2011 Installation failed with 2 remarks On line Security and Computer Security Anyaone has the same problem?? Hi Jawa, Please ensure the following Windows Updates below are installed : Windows Installer 4.5 : - Only for…
  • Hello, You can refer to our Admin Guide from the link below: Br, Nesak
  • Hi Everyone, We have release a tool to help you to remove the Flashback malware. You can refer to our blog here Br, Nesak
  • Hi debress, You can contact our support for further investigation. I believe it is not related to Java Runtime. Br, Nesak
  • Hi, We have release a tool to remove the Flashback Mac OS X malware. You can refer to our Weblog below: Br, Nesak
  • Hi debress, Welcome to F-Secure Community Are you behind proxy setting for your internet connection? Try to use a direct connection using LAN connection and try to start the installation again. If you still encountered same issue, please contact our Support for futher investigation. Chat : Email :…
  • Hi Simon, You just need to contact the Support to help you to reset the key. You can contact them through Chat or Phone Call at Chat - Phone - Cheers, Br, Nesak
  • Hi Prime, Can you try to load the IE9 using without Add-ons ? Click on Start --> Search Programs and Files --> Type Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). See how it goes.. Also try to clear the cache as well for the Internet Explorer. If it still freezing, you can try to turn off Virus and Spware Scanning or Deepguard under…
  • Hi amjad, Currently there is no services/support is available at Pakistan. You can contact any of English support from F-Secure. Please follow the link below: Also you can contact F-Secure Chat Support to assist you. Br, Nesak
  • Hi martin86, Good Day You can upgrade to F-Secure 2012 if your subscription number is still active. If you upgrade your Windows XP to Windows 7, it is recommended to have a fresh for the F-Secure. Br, Nesak
  • Hi ningthilsana, Welcome to F-Secure Community. Please contact the F-Secure Support at To reset the security code. They will required some information in order to reset the security code. You can also contact them through Chat as well at…
  • Hi alelavolpe, The trial for Mobile Security is 30 days. Under F-Secure Mobile Security, there is BUY button comes with 3 options to buy the F-Secure Mobile Security. 1) 12-24 month(s) protection 2) 3 month(s) protection 3) Already have a license? Activate using new code For no 1) you need to check the price at…
  • Hi Martin, Which F-Secure software you are using ? If the F-Secure Firewall is on, please make sure Windows Firewall and other firewall is OFF. If the issue still persist, can you try to turn off each of the component such as Virus and Spyware Scanning, DeepGuard, Firewall Application Control one by one too see which…
  • Hi Esteri, You need to burn the CD using the Bootable ISO. The file is in ISO format. If you choose to burn as Data, then it will not able to read the CD properly after you burn it. You can refer to the link below for the guide to how burn the file in ISO Br, Nesak