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  • Hi Articman, The FSDIAG should located at the Desktop. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Doyle_M, Can you submit the support request form so we can take a look into this matter. You can go to this link. After you have submitted request, our support team will contacted you. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Arcticman, Please submit the support request form for us to assist you on this matter. Click here to submit the post. Our Technical Support will contacted you. Please ensure that you have attach the fsdiag for us to investigate. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Joolz, You can refer to our previous post related to Itunes issue. Br, Nesak
  • Hi dporter, Please make sure that there is no other anti-virus software installed on your machine. If you do, please uninstall it and try to run the full system scan using f-secure again. If you still encountered with the same issue, you can submit a ticket to to our technical support team to investigate. Click here. Br,…
  • Hi martin86, You can disable the Parental Control under Online Safety. Here is steps to disable the Parental Control: - Open F-Secure Launch Pad - Click on Online Safety - Click on Users - Turn OFF Web Page filter and Time Limits - Then you close the screen. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Doyle_M, You can submit a ticket to our support team so they will look into this issue. You can submit the request form from here. You can attach the scanning report from the Online Scanner for us to look into it. Br, Nesak
  • Hi, Browsing Protection is fully supported for Firefox 11 and 12. When the next Firefox final version is released, the ETA for the Browsing Protection to support is minimium 2 weeks. You will receive the update for Browsing Protection automatically when the update are released. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Doyle_M, It is recommended to run F-Secure Online Scanner in Normal Mode. You can run the Online Scanner in Safe Mode by changing the resolution to 800x600. Br, Nesak
  • Hi stigbj, You can follow the steps from this link , File Sharing. You just have to configure few firewall rules in order to let the Boxee Box connects to your PC. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Patet, It required a restart because of major update for the Online Security. We recommended it to restart so it more effective replacing new component for the Online Security. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Stoyan, You can submit the sample or URLs to our Sample Analysis System to analysis. You can go to SAS. Sign up for free first so you can get the result of the submission. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Martin86, F-Secure 2012 does support for all Windows 7 operating system. Br, Nesak
  • Hi, If the Unity is already allowed under the Application Control, then try to disable Advance Process Monitoring under Deepguard settings. Let us know the updates. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Gerd, Please open a ticket to our Support Team so they can investigate this issue. You can open a new ticket by following the link below : Br, Nesak
  • Hi Gerd, Yes. You can upgrade to F-Secure 2012. You can download and install F-Secure 2012 from the link below: F-Secure 2011 doesn't come with Launch Pad. Launch Pad is avaiable for F--Secure 2012. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Rusli, Thank you for the information Br, Nesak
  • Hi Vishal, You need to download and install the Windows XP SP3 from the given link. After the installation of Service Pack 3 is completed. You need to run the Windows Update again to received a new update from the microsoft. Then you can continue to install F-Secure Internet Security 2012. Br, Nesak
  • Hello GalazyRumbler, You can check the status of subscription key on the F-Secure Internet Security 2012. Right click on the F-Secure Lauch Pad and choose "View my subscriptions" When you using the 1-3 user licence key, you will see that under Subscription Status, which computer name is using the key. To locate the license…
  • Hi Mika177 and all, There is no ETA for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to support F-Secure 2012 yet. For now you can test our F-Secure Technology Preview to install F-Secure on Windows 8. The F-Secure retail version will be supported when the final version of Windows 8 is released. Br, Nesak
  • Hi Rusli, Thank you for the information Br, Nesak
  • Hi martin86, You can find the notification history and setting when you right click on the F-Secure System Tray icon. You can click on Notification History to view the history and settings. Br, Nesak
  • Hi kjs, Please contact our technical support team to investigate this issue.You can submit the ticket at Please attach the support tool for us to investigate the issue before you sending the request. You can go to Start--> All Programs--> F-Secure-->…
  • Hi mikey47, Please upgrade your Windows XP to SP3. It is highly recommended to install F-Secure 2012. Windows XP SP2 is not supported for F-Secure 2012. If your current subscription is still active,then you can use it first before you enter the new subscription number to extend your subscription. You can download Windows…
  • Hi martin86, Can you try to download our sidegrade tool to remove any conflicting software include Norton. Then try to install F-Secure again. If the installation still fails, please send us the fsdiag report for us to investigate. You can contact…
  • HI Rurty, You can use the same subscription number and install the F-Secure 2012 on your new computer. For the installer, you can download from the link below : If you lost your subscription number, you can contact our support to locate the…