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  • im gonna leave this page open and come back to this tomorrow, Thanks for trying guys (and just incase NikK is a Nicola) gals, i appreciate it, however i will reinstall the trusteer thing for my banking.   maybe catch ya tommorrow
  • it gets worse   i went to windows defender to enable it (because ive been very patient  and had enough now ) and it said something about unable to access specified paths or device or something likme that???
  • simon i am a man of very small means and the link from virgin enables me to get free 12 months subscription to the F-Secure service, the link on the home page does not give me this
  • i followed the F-secure link from the virgin mobile site, simon   NikK, i clicked open on the first link you gave me and it filled my screen up with writing, is that from my comp or was that in the folder? if it was in the folder already then what…
  • lol NikK your scareing me now with zippi me things files etc etc im just a simpleton lol  
  • Yes simon i will reinstall trusteer but as for if we get F-S downloaded that looking like a HUGE  IF now lol
  • right installation failed....   what ive done so far   uninstalled avg useing the link on here restarted sorted out and downloaded windows updates   uninstalled F-S then restarted reinstalled F-S uninstalled trusteer uninstalled F-S then …
  • right, i have uninstalled trusteer, which was my hsbc thing, then i uninstalled F-S then i restarted the comp, reinstalled F-S and as we speak its still stuck on 70% as for pc tune up i can not open as it says something is missing? cant remember the…
  • yes i did reboot   well i say i did, the comp wanted to
  • i dont think so..... i have a security thing from the hsbc bank that tells me if im on a secure site or not ( this site is showing  unsecure   ) i think its called rappore or something like that, basicly my www address bar goes green for good sites …
  • Hi Nick or nikK   cheers i found the mr fix it guy and let him do his thing, what exactly i dont know but he came back happy, however  when simon showed me how to check through control panel for updates, i had 2 that needed doing so im thinking mr…
  • ok removed as per your link, reinstalled, it started at 1% instead of 70%, progressed to 70% stalled then as before bounced between 94%and 84% then quickly up to 100% installation failed.   i have been trying to remove avg tune up (which i downloa…
  • hi simon   ok it downloaded 2 updates and i had 3 optional ones which i left alone for the time being, i have just tried to install again and it got to 100% before installation failed   yes that was the avg removal link i used, so now i will …
  • windows 7, and i will try control panel now although im not quite sure what im supposed to be updateing or down loading, i will report back shortly, thankyou for trying to help me
  • Hi Simon, ive just "restarted" and still the same....... i uninstalled the laptop and reinstalled again aswell, installation remained at 70% for some time then slowly went to 95%jumped back to 84% back and forth a couple of times before the dreaded …
  • Hi im no teckie, im a 40 something bloke who knows about computers more than my 70+ aged parents but less than my kids.   Installation failed! yep thats me, im coming from virgin media and trying to download F-Secure and it gets to 70% then stalls…