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  • Dear Ukko, Thanks a lot for your very detailed comment about your experience with the BP feature. I really didn't know that website for submitting fp's or links and I thank you again, I guess it won't do any harm submitting the links of my banks. Thank you again
  • Thank you for your quick response Simon, will do through the Beta Portal. Regards,
  • Hi All, Installed 2.21 build 281 on my old Win8.1 Pro laptop (2gb ram, 1.46GHz dual-core) and everything is incredibly fast so far. The only thing I noticed is the program took a bit long to load after a cold boot this morning (the last disk defrag performed last night could be culprit though). Keep up the great work.
  • @Blackcat Yes, I was aware of the MS decision to disable EPM through WindowsUpdate last month, but I didn't know that FSIS wasn't fully compatible with EPM because I hadn't it installed at that time. I'm glad everything is ok now. Thank you for your help. Happy New Year everyone!
  • @Blackcat Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I "found out" that, apparently, the stable build 192 "protects" IE 11 equally effective with EPM enabled or not (yes, the system has to be restarted to apply changes with EPM), whether by checking the website or by doing a search of…
  • So, is the latest stable build 192 compatible with IE11's EPM or not? I know the beta TP101 is, but...
  • Thanks for the update. There's also a thread on this in the Wilders forum
  • Thank you Janiashvili, I thought IS2014 was out already (by reading some threads in the Beta section on this forum).
  • Hi Suf, I'm happy to hear your succeeded. Enjoy ! 
  • Hi Suf, Dont' give up. I doubt you can go now for a regular uninstallation once the tool has been running already, but I guess it won't harm any if you try it. However, if that doesn't work, please try what I said above, try reinstalling the Suite over your current messed up version so you can remove it properly from…
  • Hi Suf, Did you try regular uninstallation from Windows Control Panel first? Because in the state you are now, I would just think of doing a full reinstall of FSIS so you can remove it properly from ControlPanel afterwards. 
  • Hi Ville, Thank you for confirming it. Then I'm glad I didn't follow instructions verbatim when I received response from support, since there wasnt' a word about using regular uninstallation first. Uninstallation tools should always be used as last resort if normal removal doesn't work 
  • Hi Baroque-quest, I got it. I think we would have to wait for other users to confirm it's a fault of latest version, which I highly doubt. Three weeks back, I installed the trial version of the Antivirus which I eventually upgraded to the latest Internet Security, Release 3. Days ago, I had to uninstall/reinstall it once…
  • Thanks for letting us know your issue. I personally don't think however that it has anything to do with the specific release 3. That sounds to me like a disk stress because of too many installs/uninstalls 
  • Hi Hono, I concur totally. Such an unattended hidden uninstallation process is very risky for any user. I hope this tool can be improved soon.
  • Hi Hono, I got scared when you just said that let FS to automatically uninstall Norton. Not even in my worst nightmares I'd dare to get rid of Norton that way, then again that's why ControlPanel is for, and just as last resort if something goes wrong people can look to 3rd party tools. Once, I tried Norton AV for several…
  • Hi Suf, Whatever option your choose, please be patient in the process of removal 
  • Hi Hono, I'm glad to hear that you finally got it installed correctly. Not sure, but I don't think the LAN stuff had anything to do with the mess. A thing came to my mind just ago, what preinstalled security solution had your Lenovo before? I don't want to think that an incomplete removal of the previous "Suite" was the…
  • Hi Suf, If you got contacted by tech-support then just follow their instructions carefully. I couldn't tell on what to expect when using the uninstalling tool, since as I said before, when I was contacted by them I tried removing it from Control Panel first (the other way around) and this did the job. I don't know how long…
  • Hi Hono, Got it. Well, I'm running Windows 8 and here I was asked to reboot after using the ControlPanel. Now I get why you had come across that mess. In your case, F-Secure tech-support is required. (I'd also try to restore Lenovo settings, since it's new, to defaults... but that's me).
  • Hi Hono, Well, I have to agree with what you said in your last paragraph. Yes, I think that the uninstalling tool always does its job behind the scenes, at least that's one of the directions that I received days ago from Mr. Bathumalai, a tech-support engineer: "6. Uninstallation will run as a background process. 7. Your…
  • Hello, As far as I know, the coming beta testing preview is open to anyone, as long as is registered in the program. On the other hand, beta builds cannot be installed on machines running stable releases of F-Secure software. 
  • Hi Hono, Sorry for the confusion. I was trying to assist original poster, Suf. You wrote: "I first tried the tool, then resorted to Control Panel and that worked much better." In your case, and how it's always advised for all installed software, I think it would have been better to remove it in the other way around? Then…
  • Hello, I think that most of issues that you mention may be solved by performing a clean installation of FSIS (assuming there is no other security solution installed already on your computer, no matter how tiny it be). I would try first by uninstalling the whole FSIS from Windows Control Panel, be patient in the process and…
  • Hi JamesD, You are welcome. No, I haven't tried it because I don't use Outlook, actually I never had to deal with it, except for the old OutlookExpress back in WinXP days. Mine is just a suggestion to try because you did mention the Outlook Address Book and I found out (if I'm not mistaken) that it bears the .wab…
  • Hi JamesD, I'm not sure but, perhaps it's the "exclude files from the realtime scan..." option what you're looking for? ComputerSecurity => Settings => Virus and spyware scanning => Exclude files from the scan... From there you can exclude Applications, Objects (file,folders) and File Types by its extension
  • Hi All, Just to inform that my issue was finally fixed! "Thank you for contacting F-Secure. With regards to your enquiry, we would like to inform you that the issue with your bank's website ( has been solved and now you should be able to login properly with the Banking Protection feature enabled. We…
  • Hi Jagadesan, Thank you. I have received an update from tech-support saying they have found the root cause of my issue and that it has been escalated to the relevant team for a proper fix soon 
  • Hi Jagadesan, It's not my issue, I just posted the translation from the original poster above (Poum18). Poum18, s'il vous plaît contactez
  • Google translation of the OP's post: "Hello, I just bought FSIS 2013, and clearly from the outset antivirus and antispam functions are "malfunction ..." Protection is not provided. I do not know what causes it ... If someone has an idea ...? I'm running Win 8 64-bit"