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  • Once again it downloaded first time doing it! Awesome! Not one problem. Thanks
  • I just wanted to tell you guys that this was the best upgrade I have ever done on my computer! It did it without any problems or have to redownload it! Awesome!!
  • How do I do it cause I will do it! lovepug1
  • I'm so sorry I meant to get back but I guess I didn't. Once I rebooted like you have told me things were fine. It didn't have me reboot and I forgot so thanks so much for the reminder. lovepug1
  • Hi again so sorry to be a pain in everyone's butt, but just wanted to say I found the right info and we are now downloaded and ready to rock and roll. Thanks so much for everyone's help and I, myself, have been learning already new things
  • Hi everyone. Bad news I lost the beta I was doing and had a major problem but couldn't fix it. I had made a mistake on spelling on the link and got locked out and couldn't fix it(think I needed new key) so with great sadness I have to say good-bye and enjoyed testing the new updates. If there is still a chance please let…
  • Hi I have a different problem and hoping someone can help me out. I was doing the key but I made a mistake but didn't catch it til too late. I was told I tried too many times so it won't let me do it. Can someone please help me with this problem? Thanks so much for the time.
  • Where do you find the check now? I don't know alot on the computers so I have no idea can someone please get me in the right area? Thanks so much for the help.
  • I just got notice that my Beta License is expiring 12/21/2013. So I was wondering what I have to do? Do I have to buy the product to keep it going or do I just get a new beta license? And if so where do I go to do it. Thanks so much