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  • Yes same thing happened to me and i contact the customer support and they helped me. Thanks
  • If you are having trouble installing the trial with the default demo key then contact the customer support they will provide you a new demo subscription key.
  • Hi, Have you checked the junk folder on your email program because first time i registered the email gone into junk folder.Also post your system configuration details or else try the Internet Security beta 2014 .If you contact the support team they will surely help you. Thanks
  • Hi Jouni, I have installed the beta 2014 and the interface is clean and slick.I will update if i come across any problems Thanks a lot !
  • 2013 is also has a gaming mode :)
  • So shall i uninstall the previous fsecure products (the one with no products installed ) with the uninstallation tool ? or i can upgrade to beta ? Thanks for accepting me :)
  • Yes i have registered for using the beta 2014 but not yet given the download link. I saw the youtube video of IS 2014 its very simple and easy to use.Can wait to use
  • I tried 8-10 Internet securities and F-secure is the only one which comes as a solid package which has protection at maximum. Posting such bugs or errors will help the support team to rectify so that this never happen in future.
  • No. I have asked to use the uninstallation tool and also to remove the program files folder and also the registry.After that i have done the installation again with the default key of the demo but no success. After i submit the fsdiag the support team send me a Demo key which is set exclusively for my system so i update…
  • Update : Regarding my issue of the demo not working After I submitted the fsdiag to the support team they managed to send me a new subscription key which is working fine.Now i have the demo installed again. Thanks for your effort Fsecure team .
  • Yes even the support team recommend to use the uninstallation tool instead of add/remove program.Other than that Fsecure is way ahead of other internet security softwares
  • The reason why i am trying to install again is that i like f-secure and its a whole package that no AV vendors are delivering. I am trying to test my PC with some games running in background and to notice if i experience any lag. Thanks
  • Hello Sir, I have now send an email contacting the hope that will help. Thanks, R.Kamal.
  • Hi Chrissy, I have sent a message to Gary as well as customer support with the SRID and FSdiag details. I think this problem cannot be solved with the current version of Fsecure Internet Security. I can install and uninstall anyother Internet security within that 30 day trial so far no problem but only with f-secure i got…
  • You said it right.The issue is not solved and i replied to the customer support about this.
  • I replied there Thanks
  • Hi, I have done what you said but still same problem.The installer says Trial version cannot be installed on this computer. I have contacted support team with fsdiag details. Thanks
  • Sure no problem.
  • I contacted the f secure support but no reply.The chat is not working anytime