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  • Software Updater and home page overview. Q: Software Updater statuses still make the computer statuses pie red. I think Software Updater statuses should be separated from it and have its own status pie. A: We agree and this is come out in mid April…
  • @etomcat wrote: "...I use the search form in the "Devices" section to find a Win8 computer by name, recognize it in the results list and click on its icon (equal to the weblink: https://emea.psb.f-secure.com/#/c2922/devices/computer/1091698).Then it…
  • PSB Workstation and Microsoft Direct Access Q: We are deploying Microsofts Direct Access to enviroment where workstations use cloud managed F-Secure PSB Workstation Security. The problem atm is that PSB seems to disable Widows Firewall, which is ma…
  • List devices over companies? Q: Will it be possible to view all computers over multiple companies in the future? A: yes! this is coming, ETA is during May Operations from search results? Q: what about search results and operations (such as assign p…
  • Some devices that are shown in old portal are not visible in the new portal! Q: We have a couple of computers in the old portal that are attached to subscription attached to our Partner account (not to any company) in PSB. We cannot see these anymo…
  • Hi Tamas, remote FSDIAG is not coming to PSB at this stage. But the need for it (or similar functionality) is understood. You mentioned that the new portal has been long promised and still not delivered. We admit that it took quite a lot longer t…
    in IGK in PSB? Comment by jus-51 March 2016
  • This applies to PSB Workstation 10.60 as well. Tested with Windows 10 Pro upgrading to Windows 10 version 1511, 10586.   What to do: - please do not apply upgrade to Windows 10 version 1511, 10586 yet before the issue is fixed - but if did alrea…
  • Hi!     * Active Directory integration improvements Autodiscovery of unmanaged hosts by fetching the information from the Active Directory server. Autodiscovery generates a list of hosts in Policy Manager, and the administrator can click a host …