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  • I can confirm your findings. I installed Freedom 1.0. 2352.0 and indeed no driver installation errors on my windows 10 laptop. Sleep mode does not to seem to be a problem anymore. Regards,
  • Hi Michael2, I am working with a windows 10 machine so I am not sure whether or not my preliminary solution works for a windows 7 machine. You mentioned you did not put your computer to sleep and run away for a while. Are you aware that - depending on your settings - your computer puts itself to sleep automatically?…
  • Hello Ronz, 1. Go to control panel, next to all control panel items, next to power options. 2. Select to energy plan you are operating with and click on change plan settings 3. Click on change advanced power settings 4. In the open box click on the + of sleep, then 4 options open 5. Click on the first "sleep" and change…
  • Hello Ronz, Thanks for the feedback. Did you also try to stop the sleep mode and change it to hibernate? In my case this solve the problem (so far?). Search for energy management (e.g. richt click on the battery symbol in the systems tray), go to the energy scheme you are operating with, choose advanced energy settings, go…
  • Please also read this article on how to fix DNS leaks, which is as far as I know not related to the WebRTC issue: Regards
  • Hello, What worked so far is that under Power Management I changed all the power options from "Sleep" to "Hibernate". It makes the laptop slower to come back up but at least I don't need to do a full restart. So far I do not experience problems any more with the Freedom TAP driver. Kind regards.
  • Hi, I have opened a support ticket and got a reply from the customer service engineer. I was advised to following the instructions as indicated in: (This site refers to a VPN initialization error). However this did not solve my problem which…
  • Hello, I have the same problem. My version of FSecure Freedom is 1.0.2246.0, My version of windows is build 10.586.3 I have already reinstalled Freedom but the problem returns. My impression is that the problem started with installing my current windows 10 version.